Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some pictures from today...

Finally! A few pictures to whet your appetite. More will come later... Bon Appetit! :)

That's us with the steam engine of the Puffing Billy behind us! Can you see the steam?

Mr Yap trying to take a photo of us.

Us in one of the carriages (the others were in another carriage)

Mrs Choy getting us onto the train before it leaves! Choo-choooooo!

Ooh! Here's a picture from the first day, when we had first got off the plane and were at the airport waiting for the bus.


  1. Hello Eunosians,

    Wow! Photos! This is really worth waiting for. As the saying goes - a picture says a thousand words.

    It is most heartwarming to see the smiles on all your faces.

    Thanks for uploading the photos. Oh yes, it's late. All of you had better turn in. Shoo! Shoo!

    Good night once again,
    Captain Red Cross : )