Monday, May 31, 2010

More pictures - Hurrah!

Hi everyone, Looks like we've managed to get more pictures up! Yay! Enjoy! Us in our "luxury travel option" on Kangaroobie farm! (Day 4)

Walking and learning with Mr Peter on the beach at Airey's Inlet
We're all listening carefully..except Yiting who is looking at her hand :D

All together at the river side!

Us with Mr Peter walking along the river at Airey's Inlet on Day 3
Little Chefs Jessalyn and Melody at the Kitchen Garden Programme at Westgarth Primary Sch (Day 2)
Look at the wonderful ingredients we worked with! Us at the Aboriginal Resource Trail, Day 1
Us with Ms Grace at the church on Day 1's it tour.


  1. Oh No !! Look like the hunters have captured a group of homosapiens of the modern era and managed to put them in cage!!! Though they are not far from their distant cousins such as the gorillas and baboons, they do have some similarities eg. swinging on bars, banging on chest and struggling to escape from captivity. They do look like a happy lot though.

    On behalf of all parents we thank the teachers for settling the dispute between the camera & their computer and upload all the wonderful photos onto the blog. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

  2. To the teachers and Mrs Choy,thanks for taking good care of the children on the trip to Melbourne..I can see that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves.

  3. Is it okay for me to pick aiman from the airport because it is more convenient and already late by the time the plane lands in Singapore..?

  4. Wow ... love those photos! Love the happy smiles even better. It looks like you're all having a ball!

    I like the "MPV" on Kangaroobie Farm. Very practical and great "people mover".

    Keep safe and warm and have even more fun!



  5. Good day Mates! (:

    Looking at the photos allowed me to have a clearer idea on what all you lovely Eunosians have been up to !

    Two more days to go before you get back.. Enjoy yourselves, take in the lovely sights and sounds and come home to safe to us (:

    Keep the posts and awesome pictures coming!

    Keep smiling and stay warm,
    (Envious) Ms Nisa ;)

  6. Wow! These are great pictures! We just don't find these sort of pristine environment in Singapore, don't we? Of course, we are in a different climate altogether...

    No wonder in Chinese they say, "You may hear it 100 times, but it sure doesn't beat seeing it yourself once."

    A picture paints a thousand words.

  7. hey wow you all looked like u had lotsa fun!!! Wished I was there too... btw... if you see any aboriginal Art / interesting Art stuffss... pls, pls pls take pics for me okie???? :) I can use them as resources to teach art.. Tankie! Harvey

  8. Wow...looks like you are experiencing Science Alive. Hope to see more photos of nature and environment. Take care.

  9. Great pictures! Thanks for uploading them. Exactly like I had imagined when I read your entries before the pictures were even up! My favourite would be the picture of the children in the cage. Awesomely cute!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe journey back.

    Mdm Fatimah

  10. Dear Eunosians,

    Even more pictures! Wow! I must say that the photos are all very well taken. The bright colours makes the blog come alive.

    I am so happy to see all of you so happy. I can really see that all of you are having a fantastic time, which is awesome.

    Great minds think alike. I share the same sentiments as Mdm Fatimah. My favourite photo is the one taken at Kangaroobie farm - where all of you are in the cage.

    I find that photo very original, cute and even hilarious. I broke into a smile upon seeing that photo. Cheers!!!

    Keep our Eunos flag flying high,
    Captain Red Cross

  11. Dear kids & teachers,

    Thank you for the photos - eveyone looks happy. Looks like the "luxury travel option" really suited the kids :)What a novel way to sightsee.

    Thank you very much teachers for all your hard work organising the event and babysitting our kids. We parents truly appreciate your efforts and are very grateful.

    Luke & Gheslynn, see you soon. Don't forget, Amama will arrive in Singapore tomorrow to listen to all your stories :)

    Take care everyone. Have a fun and safe plane trip home.

  12. Hi hi Eunosians...
    have a safe trip home.. i look 4ward to seeing all of u and listening to your wonderful stories from down under.. :)