Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 1 - We made it!:D

Dear everyone,

It's great to see that we now have... 5 followers!!

Everyone is safe and well, but exhausted after a full day of activities.

The plane ride was great! Many of us had our first plane experience, (including one of our teachers!) but everyone managed it very well. We even had some pupils comment, "It wasn't scary at all!" One of the ladies who processed us at the Australian Customs commented on how well-behaved and polite our students were. "One of the best I've seen," she said.

We began our day with a city tour of Melbourne, with a short visit to Parliament House and a beautiful church. Then it was lunch, and off to the Botanic Gardens we went! We had a really really interesting Aboriginal Resources Trail, where we looked at many plants and learnt about how these plants were useful to the First Australians, as the Aboriginal People are also known. Our guide, Trevor, even involved us in a traditional Welcome Ceremony, which was very special because it involved the burning of several different types of native Australian plants. We also got to smell the lovely Lemon Myrtle leaves, which remind us all of the Lemon-flavoured Strepsils we can find back home. The aboriginal people are really very resourceful when it comes to shopping in Nature's supermarket for all their needs!

Next, we went to International House, which is where some of the university students from the University of Melbourne live. We met many wonderful university students, who ate with us, and played games with us after dinner. In return, we performed our song item (which includes songs in four different languages), and taught them the CIMO-CIMO dance which we learnt in school. Our teachers said that the students told them we were very cute and did a very good job. Everyone had a wonderful time, although by the end of it we were all very tired from a looooong day of activities.

We're all looking forward to tomorrow - we'll get to meet with some Australian students who are our age, and cook with them! Hope to post tomorrow as well! We cannot write much more because our teachers say we must have at least 8 hours' sleep to prepare for a big day tomorrow. Goodnight everyone! Please comment on our post!

With big smiles,
All 30 of us (and the teachers too)


  1. Dear Eunosians,

    I'm glad all of you had a great flight. I also had lots of fun reading your interesting blog entry / updates.

    It's another hot day over here in Singapore. I'm sure the weather in Melbourne must be very cool, nice and refreshing.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog entries / updates.

    Just want all of you to know that you're not forgotten, and you're all fondly missed.

    Take care, stay safe and have fun,
    Captain Red Cross

    PS. Mr Helmi, Aiman and Sharon, P4/5 sends their regards, and they are always with you in spirit. Cheers !!!

  2. Hello everyone, I am glad to hear that everyone had reached Melbourne safely. Your updates sounds exciting. I was hoping you would put some photos and looking forward to hear more from you. Well, take care of yourselves, teachers and friends.

    P.s. Sobi, are you ok?Everyone misses you at home.Don't worry about anything,ok.Go and have fun and experience this moment.

  3. G'day Mate, Glad to hear and relieved all went well smoothly and everyone enjoyed their Day 1. How I wish I was there as Singapore weather is killing here.

    Thank you principal and all teachers for your 'Yakka' (Australian term for 'Hard Work'). Looking forward for more exciting blog updates. Would be good if there are some pictures. Hope all Eunosians kids make good use of this 'hard to come by opportunities' to learn more and share with your other Eunosians who cannot make it. Keep up your good work Eunosians. See yar ron (Australian - See you later on)

    PS : Hi Chris, hope you are fully recovered. Do take good care and please be cautious in whatever you do. Listen to your principal/teachers and follow instruction closely,ok? Now is mum's turn to count down for you to come home. Enjoy yourself and dun forget your prayers.

  4. Hi Eunosians

    What a lovely blog! It's great to know that you are all having such a good time. It's even better to know that you have made a very good impression on those you have met so far. Keep up the good work!

    Be a sponge! Absorb as much knowledge as you can from this learning journey. Open your hearts and eyes and embrace this unique (albeit hectic) experience.

    We're thinking of all of you all the time and miss the noise that you make.

    Take care, keep safe and have fun!



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  6. To all 30 kids and teachers,

    Thanks for flying the Singapore flag high. I'm glad you had a fun first day. Lots more fun days to come, I'm sure.

    Do keep the updates coming.

    Luke & Gheslynn, although I miss you terribly, I'm happy to say that I'm not weeping uncontrollably into my pillow :)

    Take care everyone. Remember - eat well, sleep well and poop well.

  7. Dear Eunosians,

    It's me again. I'm sure all of you had another exciting day.

    So how was it at the Kitchen Garden? What kind of delicious food did you cook / prepare? Wish I were there, then I can try / sample all the food you made.

    Yes, adding some photos on your blog would be very nice. Then all of us will be better able to share your joy and excitement.

    As you can see, we are all supporting you and rooting for you.

    So take care and have an even greater day tomorrow.

    From the Lion City across the sea,
    Captain Red Cross

    PS. Mr Helmi please remember - just because you iron your own clothes, doesn't mean that you're Iron Man : )

  8. Hi Eunosians

    How was your day today? I'm sure you must have been busy, busy, busy. Busy making friends, busy learning how to cook your own food and also busy learning new stuff. Keep at it, our little busy bees.

    It's going to be cold-ish tomorrow, so do remember to keep yourselves snug and warm. Maisie, please use the hand warmers if you need to. Dax misses you a lot.

    Dax would also like to say "hi" to all of you.

    Do keep those blogs coming. They are such a pleasure to read.

    Have fun and keep safe.

    Jillian and Dax