Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Personal Messages:)

Personal Messages from the members of Science Alive!:

Afiqah: Mummy I miss you very much and I bought something special for you. P.S. I cried on the first day. Mr James gave me a new scarf.

Azreen: Mummy I wish you can see the penguin parade because the penguins there are very cute, and seeing how they walk to their homes are still cute.

Yiting: Mummy I miss you, and I miss my sister, my brother and my father.

Andy: Mummy, I miss you very much, and I wish you can follow me (next time pack motion sickness pills), and I bought you a lot of presents (I wasted a lot of money, sorry).

Wan Shyan: Why in the world aren’t you reading the blog and commenting? I like the cooling weather, Singapore is too hot :p

Daniel: Mum, how is Singapore? How is the weather, cos the weather in Melbourne is killing me. How is my little baby sister? Has she been taking her medicine recently?

Hannani: I feel like staying here and not going back to Singapore.

Luke: I wish you were here with me to see everything that I saw, I can’t wait to go home, I miss everybody, and I can’t wait to start doing my school homework.

Jian Feng: I wish Singapore’s weather is same like Melbourne, with four seasons.

Gheslynn: I’m very excited to tell my whole family about my adventures in Melbourne. I miss everybody in my family, and I’m super-duper excited to go home back to Singapore.

Sobi: Mummy, I am fine, you don’t have to worry. I miss everyone at home, and can’t wait to come back. Please don’t forget to wish me happy birthday when you meet me in school!

Maisie: Hi mum, how’s Dax? Today we saw all the penguins, they were so cute climbing up the beach. However, this afternoon, the guides showed us the spot where a poor little penguin got eaten up by a big bad fox (so sad, waaaaaaa). Please stop nagging on the internet :)

Coral: Jessalyn keeps on calling me Blue Coral Bubble Tea, and Daniel Chow keeps calling me Coral Snake, of the Coral Sea which likes to eat Coral Cabbage.

Jessalyn: Thank you Mdm Nabeesah for caring me. I’m going back to Singapore soon and I wish to see you soon.

Aliyah: I really miss my mum, and I can’t wait to go home, and I hope I can contribute the things I learnt here to the school.

Melody: I miss you (mother and father) I hope I will quickly go back to Singapore and meet you again, remember to fetch me at the school. At Melbourne is very cold.

Nurathirah: I miss you mother and father, I bought you a lot of things, I hope you like it. Do tell my sibling that I miss them also and also fetch me at the school. Bye bye!

Nasuha: Mummy I miss you, I love you, Daddy same goes to you. Please fetch me at the school. Miss the both of you.

Siti Zubaidah: Mummy I want to hug you, I miss you a lot. I love you. Happy birthday, I cannot celebrate with you your birthday party, I am very very sorry. When I get back to Singapore I give you a present. Do tell my family I miss them a lot.

Jamie: I miss you a lot Daddy and Mummy. I hope you go to school on time and fetch me.

Sharon: How are you, my family members?

Hyzraul: I miss you a lot Ibu. Hope you guys are having a great time there. I am!

Zi Chen: How are you feeling?


  1. Can i add a Personal message to Aiman:Please check all your things when you're repacking your luggage.Don't leave anything left behind and keep the camera in the purple bag.TAke more pictures with your friends and teachers k?


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